Are you a vegan wedding vendor? If so, you need to be listed on the Vegan Wedding Guide! Our website aims to become the go-to resource for vegan couples planning their weddings, and we’re always looking for new and talented vegan wedding vendors to add to our directory.

When you list your business on the Vegan Wedding Guide, you’ll put your business in front of a whole new pool of potential clients. Our website is brand new, but already gets thousands of visitors each month. And, best of all, they’re all looking for vegan wedding vendors. You’ll also be featured in our blog and social media channels, which will help you reach even more potential clients.

In addition, our website offers a number of other benefits for vendors, including:

  • A free listing in our directory
  • The ability to showcase your work on our website
  • The ability to connect with other vegan wedding vendors
  • A badge for your website that links to your profile
  • Access to our private Facebook group

The Vegan Wedding Guide is the perfect way to reach your target audience and grow your business. But, we’re more than just a directory! We’re also a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about helping vegan couples create beautiful, sustainable weddings. We offer a variety of resources, including blog posts, articles, and videos, to help couples plan their wedding from start to finish.

We plan to be the go-to resource for vegan couples planning their dream wedding. With our growing directory of vegan wedding vendors, couples are sure to find the perfect caterer, florist, photographer, and more to make their wedding day everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

If you’re ready to take your vegan wedding business to the next level, sign up for the Vegan Wedding Guide today and start getting more leads!

You may be wondering why the vegan wedding vendor directory is free.

How can it be free? What’s the catch?

There isn’t a catch. And yes, I’m very aware that all the other wedding directories charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year to be listed.

Like you, my business is listed on those sites, too. I’ve tried their featured listings. I’ve spent thousands of dollars advertising with the big guys. I’ve even spent thousands of dollars on the local luxury wedding guide.

The problem is this: my ideal client is not looking for wedding vendors on those sites. My ideal client shares my values and is looking for a way to find vendors who share their values.

I’ve been called overly analytical in tracking data, but what I can tell you from that tracking is that my business got more referrals from the free listings than the expensive featured ones. I also know that Google is my number 1 lead source- by a lot. I’m pretty darn good at SEO and I’m using that knowledge to benefit not only my wedding florist business, but also this one.

The Vegan Wedding Guide is my way of highlighting other vegan wedding vendors because being vegan means something to me. It is so much more than what I eat- it’s how I live my life.

The monetization strategy I have chosen for this website is affiliate marketing, not advertising revenue from wedding vendors. That’s how I plan to earn money from the site at some point once it becomes popular.

I have chosen to highlight and build up business owners who share my commitment to animals and the environment. Your business growth and success is directly related to my ability to eventually earn money from the time and resources I have committed to building this website.

So, please grow with me! Let’s do this together, build up, and support each other.