How to Tell Guests You’re Having a Vegan Wedding

How to Tell Guests You’re Having a Vegan Wedding

So, you’re vegan and just got engaged. You’re getting married! Congratulations! You’ve probably spent some time thinking about what kind of food to serve to your friends and family. Perhaps you’re feeling a little pressured to offer omni options and that’s okay. It’s your wedding and this is your chance to share some delicious vegan food with your guests.

Here are some ways to tell your guests that you’re having a vegan wedding. Who knows? They might even be a little excited to step into your culinary world for a day. And, it would be great if they decided to go vegan, even if only part time. After all, everybody’s gotta start somewhere. Your wedding is the perfect introduction.

Wedding Invitations:

The simplest way to let your guests know your wedding will be vegan is to mention it on your invitations. It’s usually us having to specifically request a vegan meal. Oh, how the tables have turned. Be sure your wording conveys how excited your are to share your vegan lifestyle with them. The last thing you want to do is make your guests feel like you’re forcing it on them. Simply include a little message about what entree options are available.

Wedding Website:

If you have a wedding website, you can include information about the menu and state that it will be vegan. Again, your wording is key here. We all know how good vegan food is. And, if we’re being honest, plants are what make meat palatable anyway. It’s obvious to us the food will be fabulous, now it’s up to you to make them feel special and included.

RSVP Cards with Menu Options:

Include a checkbox on your RSVP cards for your friends and family to make their meal selection. Here you can mention that your wedding is vegan or not. You can choose to just let them know what their options are, all vegan, and leave it at that. However, make sure to include some nut-free and gluten-free options for anyone with food allergies.

On-Site Signage and Menu Cards:

Whether your service is buffet style or seated, place menu cards signs describing each dish. There are so many varieties of vegetables, fruit, tofu, TVP, seitan, etc. of which your friends and family may be unfamiliar. A brief explanation of what it is along with the flavor profile will help excite them to to try more options.

By letting your guests know you’re having a vegan wedding beforehand, you can set the tone for the rest of your wedding celebration. Sure, Uncle Bubba is probably going to complain about it when he initially learns there will be no animal products. However, once he takes the first bite he’ll understand what he’s been missing out on. He may even thank you for it!

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